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Premeditated Affection [Showbiz]
Premeditated Affection [Showbiz]
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 Premeditated Affection [Showbiz]

When the news was sent Dong Wei put down her cell phone rubbed her eyes and then went to the kitchen to cook the meal until very late At this time her stomach was hungry and cramped until she drank some warm water A big table of dishes even in the four seasons like summer in Xingnan has been a little cold she only ate two or three mouthfuls will be full and then the rest of the dishes all poured At eleven o'clock in the evening Sheng Qingyue still didn't come back Dong Wei is taking a bath in the bathtub and her eyes are a little empty deep draw stamping Is she happy Is it all worth it She slowly shrank into the bathtub closed her eyes and let the water drown her head After staying for a while she felt a little out of breath A pair of tender hands seemed to appear in front of her eyes They were handed to her She grabbed them fiercely and got out of the bathtub

The water spilled all over the floor but the tender hands disappeared The girl's wet feet made a wet mark on the ground because the water got into her eyes and the skin that stimulated her was flushed She stood in front of the wardrobe threw the dresses on the ground and took out a red tight dress Her fingers stroked the tattoo and the slightly raised skin under the tattoo swam on her fingertips Long legs and slender waist black hair and lustrous skin form a very obvious contrast she stood on the gauze skirt toes slightly curled hands on the legs like a seductive spirit Sheng Qingyue came back to see such a scene Dong Wei turned her head and looked out of the door because she did not close her door at home alone and Sheng Qingyue stood there looking at her Her eyes were dim but she found that Sheng Qingyue's clothes were a little messy and his eyes quickly moved away from her as if looking at a piece of garbage and with a bang the door was slammed down Dong Wei was startled by the sound only to find that the water dripping on her hair made her get goose bumps all over

He must hate the way she looks Dong Wei sat on the ground suddenly felt a little cold he would not care about her ah This time Sheng Qing came back even stayed at home for a few days but also accompanied Dong Wei to go to school Graduated soon now the school has a lot of things she went back to show the paper to the counselor and so on the revision of almost can prepare for the defense of things The counselor watched Dong Wei grow up little by little She revised her graduation thesis and said "Wei Wei I know you have worked hard for four years in college Now you are going to graduate What are you going to do in the future" If you want to be a model the teacher knows a few people who can help you recommend them "Thank you teacher I took part in Ruohua's model competition before and there should be a brokerage company calling me" The counselor took care of her for four years She was about to graduate How could she bother her So Dong Wei declined the counselor's kindness Then she chatted with the counselor in the office for a while before she came out

The last sentence of the counselor was to ask her if she knew Sheng Qingyue The sunshine of Xingnan University is still brilliant Dong Wei is illuminated by the sun of course she knows him Come on She slowly headed for the place where she had made an appointment with Sheng Qingyue metal stamping parts and her mind was full of things As she approached Dong Wei saw the man standing under the tree The cool and handsome man has a strong body line and the tight jaw is perfectly connected to the Adam's apple showing a pleasant arc But in front of him stood a woman Meng Yiting Yue you and I know each other earlier than you and Dong Wei why can't you look back at me She's not what you like at all Meng Yiting said She knew him when Sheng Qingyue moved to her house but she seldom saw him As a result she went to college but was beaten by Dong Wei Now that she is about to graduate she really can't swallow that tone Today she is looking for Sheng Qingyue to confess Dong Wei's eyes touched Meng Yiting today's dress eyes reveal a trace of sarcasm that day said she deceived Sheng Qingyue the result today she is wearing almost the same as her She put her hands on her chest She was also waiting for Sheng Qingyue's answer She wanted to know what Sheng Qingyue would say

Sheng Qingyue looked at Meng Yiting her eyebrows and eyes showing no patience and her voice was cold and inhuman "I don't like her do I like you" Meng Yiting's face was pale and she was really pitiful with that little white dress However Sheng Qingyue did not even look at it and when he turned around he saw Dong Wei not far away Dong Wei almost laughed out loud the original Sheng Qingyue is car radiator cap so indifferent to everyone ah However seeing Meng Yiting being angry like that she felt comfortable in her heart and the gloom of the last few days seemed to have dispersed a little Ok Sheng Qingyue came over and asked Dong Wei nodded "Well Ah Yue thank you for coming with me today I'm so happy

We'll go out for dinner later" She is deliberately disgusting Meng Yiting This woman clearly knows that she is Sheng Qingyue's girlfriend but she still goes to dig a corner a typical green tea bitch Sheng Qingyue gave a very face-saving hum Dong Wei walked beside Sheng Qingyue as if she could smell the sunshine on his body radiating and wrapping from all sides of his body Her mood relaxed a lot but also opened just Meng Yiting to find Sheng Qingyue's joke You're so cold aren't you afraid of her sadness Sheng Qingyue gave her a strange look and said "Does it have anything to do with me" "Poof" Dong Wei laughed so hard that she shrugged her shoulders until she felt that her posture was not elegant Fortunately Sheng Qingyue doesn't mind Her heart jumped for joy and she said "If you say you don't like her do you like me" "Sheng Qingyue do you like me" Sunlight fell on Sheng Qingyue's face through the leaves leaving a few spots of light jumping and flowing Dong Wei was in a trance but when she came to her senses she heard Sheng Qingyue say "Don't make trouble" "Stop what" She doesn't understand What do you think Sheng Qingyue's eyebrows and eyes were cold like a layer of snow mountain which would melt only when he met a racing car And she In his eyes it's just trouble When the sun sets the extreme day disappears and the eternal night comes
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